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With bakery consulting services from the experts at SFBI, your bakery can be more efficient, creative, and profitable. Our consultants come to your site to help you best handle the challenges of growing a successful bakery business.

On-Site Bakery Consulting

With on-site consulting services from SFBI, bakeries have immediate, personalized access to expert advice and hands-on training. SFBI consultants travel throughout Europe, Asia, Central America and the United States as guides for start-up and growing bakeries. The following is what our expert staff offers you with on-site consulting services.

Product Development:

  • Formulations Improvement
  • Production Scheduling
  • Employee Training
  • Troubleshooting

Services Included:

  • Build sales with creative new product ideas.
  • Maximize the quality and production of your favorite products.
  • Solve an ingredient or production problem.
  • Improve overall efficiency and product quality.
  • Increase the skill and efficiency of your employees.
  • Insure the uniformity and consistency of your production.

Bakery Research & Development Consulting

The state-of-the-art baking laboratory at SFBI is fully equipped to assist you with formula development, formula improvement and ingredient testing for both bread and pastry products.

Bakery Design & Layout Consulting

SFBI can assist you in starting or updating your bakery, taking into consideration specific requirements concerning production capacity, types of products and more. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing bakery, optimum equipment and an efficient layout are crucial to your success. SFBI will apply its expertise in equipment and production to create a bakery layout custom tailored to your specific needs.

Services Include:

  • Selection of the proper location
  • Design and layout of the bakery, with existing equipment or new equipment
  • Layout is developed on 1/4″ cad system

Our Consulting Clients

Our clients range from established bakeries looking for new ways to improve production and quality, to expanding businesses moving into larger facilities and in need of new equipment, to entrepreneurs opening their first bakery. We help bakeries of all sizes with training, research and development, facility design, equipment sourcing, and more. Whatever it takes to help your bakery achieve quality and efficiency.

Hear what some of our clients have to say.

“It was such an eye opening joy to have Stephan Barbiero come visit us in our tiny town on the Olympic Peninsula.

I have fallen into management at Pane D’amore artisan bakery after working as lead baker for 5 years and I couldn’t be happier with the experience and knowledge that came from Stephan when he came to consult us on a major upgrade and business decision while moving baking sites and troubleshooting our new ovens we received from TMB.

He was so flexible with our funny little town and all the quarks that come from having an airport 2 hours away.

When the virus shut down occurred we quickly took the opportunity to put many of his suggestions to work, and completely revamped our menu and baking schedule. It has proved to be a necessary shift of pace in this new world we are all entering into.

I only wish we could have had his presence for another week as the 5 days just seemed too short.

The thing that continues to surprise me most about his work, is his ongoing guidance via email on any Questions I have that pop up. Being someone who formulates my Questions much later, after I have had time to digest the material, this is invaluable to me.”

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